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3D Mammogram

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3D Mammogram

We are using Hologic Selenia Dimensions Mammographic system delivers the unrivaled accuracy of our 3D Mammography™ exam to detect significantly more invasive breast cancers earlier and reduce callbacks. It is simply a more accurate mammogram:

Hologic always strives for the lowest dose possible. Our low-dose 3D Mammography exam is powered by C-View software, which generates 2D images from tomosynthesis data without additional 2D exposures – in a 3.7-second scan. So you can achieve higher levels of accuracy compared with 2D mammography at a dose comparable to the U.S. average mammogram. View the detail and clarity needed to make an accurate assessment and avoid unnecessary follow-up exam - further reducing radiation dose.


A comfortable care experience for patients. The retractable face shield is designed to simplify positioning, yet remains stable during the tomosynthesis exam. So patients can rest their faces comfortably on the shield to minimize movement. We offer minimal compression. Compression automatically releases after fast, efficient imaging in any mammography mode.

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